Saturday, 9 June 2007

Am I actually getting old?

It's Saturday night - I had sex yesterday with my 2nd favourite FB - I have spent tonight thinking about a woman who I can't (or at least shouldn't) have.

We have been speaking for the last week in a very sexual way - and it makes me so hard it's untrue.

I am wondering if:

a) I am getting old and want what i can't have

b) I am just too horny for my own good

c) both of the above

p.s. I am off to buy a porshe - grow a mullet and buy a new leather jacket.

p.p.s You know who you are you sexy minx - now email me and tell me you want me too or I'll have to spank you :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I suck

Well I do. At keeping this blog going anyway.

Life is so hectic right now I haven't even had time to do much shagging. :(

I have been keeping up with other people's blogs though even if I haven't been commenting much.

I will be back here posting as often as I can though but to no fixed schedule.

Thanks again for all the emails asking where I went.

oh and Just a London Girl - keep up with the flirting - love it!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Ok this time I really am back

Been so busy at work this month that I have hardly even had time to check my emails.

Thanks to Rachel for emailing me and reminding me that I should be here posting dirty sex stories instead of working :)

And since I'm really busy tonight too i will post anohter 5 things about me that a lot of people don't know.

1. I once had sex with a woman and whilst sucking her nipple looked across and saw.....her nipple. Turned out she had a massive boil on her boob and it was dark and eeeekkkk!

2. I have had sex with only 1 black women and I didn't really dig it.

3. I once slept with a pro who stuck her finger up my arse while wanking me off. Very scary and sexy at the same time.

4. I have had sex in a public phone box. (smelly and nasty)

5. I once ejaculated and it shot over 6 feet.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

It's good to be back

For the last 2 weeks I have been practicaly living away from home. She was great. She was married. Her husband was away. She wanted me to fuck her.

Boy, did I fuck her!

And now her husband is home. I won't been seeing her again. It's like she never was.

So why can I still smell her perfume?

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

I'm still here.

Thanks for all the emails asking where I had gone to. I've been messing around with a married woman for the last 2 weeks or so and been taking advantage of the fact that I only had 2 weeks to get as much sex as I could.

Normal blogging will be back next week when I have recovered.

Friday, 16 March 2007

and another thing

When your FBF says she will set you up on a date with a "good looking friend" - ask for pictures first.

shit shit shit

If you ever get the chance to sleep with someone at work - don't do it.

I did a few months ago and today it turned round and bit me clean on the arse!